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Andog's interpretation of this was fairly on-point I'd say, I was feeling that too.
BEAUTIFUL animation, story, and score, but the environmental sound design felt a little stilted and overblown once in a while. gg mango, gg.

Great animation-

Great music,but the plot seemed kinda foggy...maybe because of the lack of visible plot developement/depiction..i love how at times it seemed like professional 3d cg..it somewhat reminds me of 9...just the murky/dusty style mixed with symphonic audio...heheh...who knows?spielburg may pick it up and stretch it out for an hour and a half.

Got the book...

its hard to say it was worth the 15$...BUT IT WAS.BUY THIS BOOK.

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The game mechanics are pretty smooth, but the number of buttons is kind of overwhelming. (Luckily there weren't too many situations in the beginning of the game that would require muscle memory)
The only other problem I'd say would be the sound--It can get somewhat abrasive. That being said, a phenomenal first game! Definitely blew mine out of the water in terms of ludology :D

Joben7 responds:

Thanks, I know about the sound but I'm no audio guy hahah. I tried my best and I'm glad you like it!

THIS IS SO INFURIATING I LOVE IT--Fluid mechanics, and the gripes I have with them just add to the experience, haha
If you could like, surf enemies rather than have them move independently, I probably wouldn't have ragequit, but I definitely did. I got to the point where you need to stand on the yellow enemy's head to get the last star, but the red fella is toggling a lever repeatedly (not before prematurely hitting the blue switch and blocking my path to the second star and having to restart GODDMANGIIJKNDFDF)
and I slipped off onto the spikes and died inside a little.
Kindred to unfair platformers, but different in the sense that you're honest and consistent with the mechanics and behaviors of elements, and I'm not sure if that makes it more or less irritating, haha. It's like I'm forced to take responsibility for my failure or something! AH! THANK YOU!

INCREDIBLY frustrating, haha--
I loved it--But at the same time I feel it overstayed its welcome. It's really great at killing time. OCD got the best of me, I spent a good 2 hours trying to at the very least beat it (It would've been an hour had I not died after getting the crystal after the block puzzle)
I'm not sure if that was the case based on game mechanics or a bug though, because I don't remember surviving the room with spikes along the floor and ceiling after picking up the crystal there.

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Killing it with the bass in that negative space the kick leaves. MMPH-BOOP
And the FM or low pass sweep where the bass opens up slowly (00:22-00:24) is FUCKING DELICIOUS.
The mix is a hair muddy with all the reverb, the tom patches could stand being more cheesy 80s and the lead arp lead doesn't walk octaves enough imho, but the legato lead is absolutely spot-on.

KSBeats responds:

Thanks for the feedback :)


I like it a whole bunch! I'd suggest easing up on the sidechaining a bit though (unless that's an element of the genre) it's a great addition in moderation as an accentuation of the song's pulse. But that's personal opinion really, I've got a handful of things I probably use in excess-- namely grain shifting and "IDM" breakbeats.
I think it detracts from the chord changes, especially where the kick hits in more rapid succession.
THAT BEING SAID, loving the sneaky vocoder/Vocal resynth @3:00 and overall the wide sense of movement in the filter modulation.

Breakthrough responds:

Thank you so much man!
I'm tired of seeing "Great music man" or "I love it!"
I NEED to get reviews like this, that way I can improve
on my weaknesses, and keep throwing my strengths
into my songs. I really appreciate it man.
I'm glad you heard the little vocals too ;)

Thanks - Saao

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Love it! Reminds me of Francis Bacon, but if it were pushed a few more notches into realism. It's always tough to tell with pieces like this if localized distortion in proportion are a product of the piece itself or if it's a mistake in proportion. Nonetheless, the collarbone area has something going on that bothers me a bit (Not in the good way the rest of the piece does)
But everything else about this is spot on! WEOOOH!!WEF

jungmeister responds:

lol thnax

Holy crap, dude, is this deer suppressing.

I love how you separated the hair from the face with a line of the background color, it gives it some dimension and some silkscreen-esque character. However it's hard to distinguish depth, the hatching seems inarticulate. It could benefit from a more definitive light source, or more development of levels of light.

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